Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cathodic Disbondment

Caltech Engineering Services India is a leading manufacturer for cathodic disbonding tester. CD Tester or cathodic disbonding tester is designed to test and accurately determine the characteristics of insulating coating systems applied over steel material.

Purpose of coating system is to prevent corrosion that could occur in the underground pipeline services. Importance of coating inspection is therefore highly important. Underground pipes are coated and cathodically protected. Applied cathodic protection potentials may cause loosening of the coating, beginning at holiday edges. Spontaneous holidays may also be caused by such potentials. Test method provides accelerated conditions for cathodic disbondment to occur and provides a measure of resistance of coatings to this type of action. Cathodic disbondment tester is used in civil engineering for evaluation of epoxy coated rebars to evaluate effect of cathodic protection on epoxy-coated rebar.

CD Tester - Cathodic Disbonding tester is one of the useful instrument to test and determine accelerated corrosion testing. Cathodic disbondment tester is manufactured with latest microprocessor based technology with multi channel based on potentiostat operations. The instrument is highly user friendly and can be operated by technicians without any factory training. Cathodic Disbondment instrument has connections made easy with plug and play devices. Full details of installation and operations are given in user manual.

In electrochemical process, A potentiostat is a controlled and measured device in an electrolytic cell, keeps the potential of the working electrode at a constant level with respect to the reference electrode. It consists of an electric circuit which controls the potential across the cell by sensing changes in its resistance, varying accordingly the current supplied to the system: a higher resistance will result in a decreased current, while a lower resistance will result in an increased current, in order to keep the voltage constant.

CD Tester meets or exceeds the requirement of ASTM G8- Test methods for cathodic disbonding of pipeline coatings, ASTM G42- Standard test method for cathodic disbonding of pipeline coatings subjected to elevated temperatures, ASTM G95- Test method for cathodic disbondment test of pipeline coatings using cell method, DIN 30671 and EN 12068 standard, ISO 15711- Determination of resistance to cathodic disbonding of coatings exposed to sea water.

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